Pub. Disco. Diner.

A place to get euphoric...



Transformed from a traditional Irish pub in 2012 to the amalgamation that is the venue today, we stay true to our pub roots and continue to serve you beer and other delicious drinks.

On the ground floor we have a modest variety of on tap Beers and back shelf beverages to help you ease your way into the weekend. We are the place to be if you’d like to submerge yourself in Melbourne’s closest equivalent to a Los Angeles dive bar for a round or two of beautifully incendiary drinks…You know, the kind of place where you’d find those Charles Bukowski types penning their newest edition of “The inebriated tales from behind the stick” or whatever…

In saying all this, let it be known… We’re pleased to be simple. We have beer, spirits, booths and smiles.

We're big on our sports, and have plenty of screens showing live sports all day and night, and showcasing the biggest sporting events from Australia and the world. 

Our culture of ‘No fussin’, no cussin’, no hasslin’, no wrasslin’ makes us certain that you’re bound to have a time once you enter those doors.

So go on, pass some time with us…





Swagger is the gaylord of the gay, gay-friendly and friendly gay scene. It’s huge in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Pay homage to your RnB queens and your hip hop heartthrobs as the SWAGGER DJ's, Boyonce, DJ Booth, Gay-z & FML serve them to you in their pure, unadulterated glory. Having swagger is a must. Take some cues from Obama and you’ll be entering an oval office in no time.

From the likes of Eminem, Rhianna, Pitbull and TLC. It’s time for something different, it’s time to get you SWAGGER on!



Treat Danceclub is Melbourne's newest weekly superclub. Home to thousands of punters & held at The Bottom End, Treat is all about good people, good music & good times.

Combining the best local & international acts across three distinct rooms, there is something to keep everyone's feet happy.

Clubbing, every Saturday night from 10pm.



Your new late night re-treat... The second pit stop to your weekend wayfaring or the start of your adventure altogether.

Every Sunday morning.  Go all the way.



The Bottom End is always adding special events and tours to our program. Check out our socials for announcements on all our club events. 



Comfort food at it's best. Brought to you by the infamous Easey's


Our menu, designed by James Hurlston of Easey's, aka Jimmy's Burger's, is based on years of travelling the globe on a quest to find the world's best burgers.

After thousands of research escapade's, he has turned his wealth of knowledge into a fun and delicious spread of comfort food. Jimmy utilises the highest quality produce to bring you the Easey's menu. 

Our menu at the bottom end is designed for our local clientele, and constantly changing, with plenty of specials.

Come and have a pub meal, some snacks with after work drinks, or a full sit down dinner or function. We want you to be comfortable with our best take on comfort food, for that relaxing pub experience.