On the ground floor we have a modest variety of on tap Beers and back shelf beverages to help you ease your way into the weekend. We are the place to be if you’d like to submerge yourself in Melbourne’s closest equivalent to a Los Angeles dive bar for a round or two of beautifully incendiary drinks…You know, the kind of place where you’d find those Charles Bukowski types penning their newest edition of “The inebriated tales from behind the stick” or whatever…

In saying all this, let it be known… We’re pleased to be simple. We have beer, spirits, booths and smiles.

We're big on our sports, and have plenty of screens showing live sports all day and night, and showcasing the biggest sporting events from Australia and the world. 

Our culture of ‘No fussin’, no cussin’, no hasslin’, no wrasslin’ makes us certain that you’re bound to have a time once you enter those doors.

So go on, pass some time with us…



In mid-2017 we decided to add a new element to our already diverse skill set with the addition of some large screens, projectors and even a private booth with its own TV. We also sorted out multiple Foxtel boxes allowing us to show an epic amount of sports on over 10 screens.  So, if it’s NBA, NFL, Motor Sports, AFL or any number of fantastic sports we show. Make us your home ground advantage. With our location so close to Southern Cross Station and Docklands Stadium we are the perfect spot to pre or post game… or just stay for the day and enjoy a comfy seat, full strength beer out of a glass and some top-notch Wings and Burgers. Game day has never looked so good.    

Or get involved in the action on our Table Tennis Table, challenge your mates and prove once and for all who has the skills to pay the bills. If Table Tennis is to active for you maybe Cornhole is more your speed… Fancy yourself a sharp shooter then step up to the line and flick the Corn bag through the hole.